Home Tweaks That Will Scientifically Make You HappierOur environment affects us more than we would like to admit, but science, as always, has an explanation for what you can do to make yourself happier and why.

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but our environment influences our mood. A few seconds stuck in traffic can cause a bout of road rage, while the scent of our favorite candle can be an instant stress reliever after a long and stressful day. There are many factors in your home that influence your mood. Studies suggest that even the color of your walls to the amount of natural light flowing from your windows can impact how you feel. Here are a few home tweaks you can do to make you feel happier–or, at the very least, less stressed out.

Colorful Accents

Psychology of color has fascinated scientists for many, many years. Studies indicate that your choice in paint can have a serious impact on your mood. A Dutch study supports the hypothesis that yellow evokes a feeling of happiness, while another study done by the University of British Columbia found that blue induces relaxation and creativity.

Book Collection

Books do more than tell good stories. They also expand your mind: a study done in the UK found that 76 percent of participants felt that regular reading helped their happiness levels. Experts believe that reading fiction aids in stress relief, helps you sleep, and even encourages empathy–an important emotion for understanding other people’s struggles without categorizing them as “the other.”

The idea of happiness is one that puzzled even the best philosophers. You can help increase your levels of happiness with these scientifically-backed home tweaks. If you want to relax when it comes to your daily tasks or events, contact Julie Paige. I am here to make sure that your life goes as smoothly as possible