When it comes to becoming healthy it is smart to consider these SMART goals for yourself. 

Setting small goals that are reasonable and achievable will lead to your success. This is true in all aspects of life, including your health. Success breeds success, so before you know it – all of your small achievable goals will add up and you will be living a heart-healthier lifestyle and feel good about yourself.

The best way to go about your health goals is to be smart by using the SMART method. Here is the SMART method and how you can use it to attain your goals:

SPECIFIC – You have to be specific in order to achieve your goal. What do you plan to do? If you plan to be healthier, create a specific plan either for your diet and/or your workout routine.

MEASURABLE – Set goals that are measurable. If you plan on losing weight or trim down your waistline, make sure to measure yourself at every interaval–be it weekly, or monthly.

ATTAINABLE – If your goals are too hard to reach, you may lose motivation and end up giving up on your goals. In order to avoid any loss in morale, make your goals attainable. It is not to be confused with “easy”. Work for your goals, but make sure that they are within your physical or mental reach.

REALISTIC – Don’t be unrealistic. You may want to cut back on desserts, but proclaiming, “I will never eat desserts again!” That is not realistic. Instead only eat dessert once a week or month, and when you do eat dessert, eat only a small portion.

TIME-ORIENTED – Pick a time-frame for completing your goal. If there is no end in sight, you may be tempted to push it further and further back until you are forced to make it your goal for the following year.

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